Scuba Charters
Enjoy a 1- or 2-tank charter aboard 'Nugget' our 31' dive boat. With ample space for divers and their gear, 'Nugget' will quickly deliver you to our many and varied sites around the lake. It also has a large area below decks for changing and relaxing between dives.
Lake Champlain
Over 100 miles long, Lake Champlain forms the border between Vermont and upstate New York. Plunging to depths up to 400 feet in places, Lake Champlain has something for every level of diver. With good visibility at all depths, we visit shallow sites with rocky or sandy bottoms, wall dives to over 100', numerous wrecks from 30' to 110', bottle sites, caves (for certified cave divers) and fun dives to popular anchoring areas to retrieve lost boating gear.

Originally a sport cruiser, Nugget has a large cockpit area that easily accommodates up to six divers and their gear. Entries and exits are made from the dive platform across the stern. It even has a large raised dry area for cameras, towels and anything else you want handy but dry. Inside, there's a roomy cabin with an enclosed head, full galley and berths for six. It's perfect for relaxing between dives or changing into dry clothes. Enjoy the trip to and from the dive sites inside or catch some rays on the spacious forward deck.

Dates are available for groups of 4-6.
More information on the dive sites.

If have a club or a group of friends who'd like to book the boat on a different date or go to different sites, give us a call. With a group of 6, you'll get a discount on the charter and you can decide on the destination based on the level of your divers and the weather conditions.